There are a variety of ways to bring direct marketing to the Southwestern FL consumer. As your company learns to think like a consumer, you will find that direct mail advertising is an important avenue of marketing that incorporates key methods of reaching the consumer directly. One of the main ways Valpak of SWFL started their B2C advertising was through print mailing with the US Postal Service. Today, we still send coupons out in our famous blue envelope right to the consumer’s doorstep by location. The reach of this advertising is determined by regions of Southwestern FL, and stays local to a particular business or company. This way the business limits their marketing to consumers for whom they are relevant. In addition to our standard ad size, we have several other print options for marketing materials such as flyers, every door postcards, brochures, and menus. Marketing materials sent through the mail are great because they are physical objects in the hands of the consumer. Something to open, take out, and investigate in person. This starts the conversation with the consumer right in their home.

Nowadays though, as the digital advertising potential is rising rapidly, direct mail print alone is not enough in the goal of reaching the consumer. When print is coupled with a digital marketing campaign, success rates are higher. Think about it: upon opening their envelope or flyer, what will the consumer do to research more about the company? They might call the phone number listed on the ad, visit the website, or visit the actual location. Businesses can capitalize on this response-driven consumer behavior. Valpak of SWFL offers call-tracking, which links the printed ad itself to the consumer’s behavior and tell the business the conversion rate of their advertising. The number listed on the mailing specifically indicates that the people calling in are likely calling in response to the offer or to learn more about redeeming the coupon. Ultimately, this brings the consumer in contact with the business again so that you as the business have the opportunity to help them reach the answers they seek. This pairing between print and call-tracking is highly responsive and reflects the success of your advertising.

Valpak offers another option whose effectiveness can be tracked: the creation and management of micro-sites. When a consumer opens their mail and sees your ad, they might choose to visit the website listed, which could be the micro-site. Visiting your microsite is another conversion in that the consumer has responded in the desired way. It is another opportunity to showcase your company as well, and any other offers you might have. It also tells your business that the ad has worked. These micro-sites, plus the call tracking numbers make sure your business is using effective means of reaching the consumer. This way you will better know where to direct your marketing efforts and resources.

Social Media promotion through direct mail is another important factor to consider. Any direct mail materials may include your Facebook page information, along with Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media platforms you use. This tells the consumer you have an online presence beyond just your company page, where they can get a more one on one personal interaction with the company. Social media connects the consumer with your company by bringing you into direct contact. Consumers can visit your Facebook page for instance, and contact the company with questions. Additionally you as a company can reach out to all your fans at once to communicate a product launch or any new announcements. Social media platforms can be tracked as well through insights which allow you to monitor your pages. You can see the type of posts that are most successful, as well as what demographic you are reaching, and what the best posting time is to maximize your consumer engagement. Social media campaigns are a valuable option because they allow specific posts to be promoted so that they will appear at the top of your page. It will be available to more people at one time because it is the first thing they see when visiting the page.  You can also advertising between platforms, which is very convenient. For example, you could post something to your Pinterest page and then share it to Facebook, so that your followers are aware of your existence on other platforms. Then they can visit your other social media pages, which increases the potential for conversion. Valpak of SWFL can help you manage your social media accounts and guide your social media marketing decisions.

Valpak has recently started marketing political ad campaigns as well. If you’re running for an office we can help spread consumer awareness of your qualifications as a candidate. Political advertising can be in many forms. Whether it is an ad in our blue envelope, a flyer, or a brochure, we will work with your media reps to come up with the best solution to promote you as a candidate.

At Valpak of SWFL, we look forward to working with you and achieving the best direct mail solutions for your company.