targetHow's Your Aim?

Valpak of Southwest Florida offers a new way to reach your audience with Audience Zone-In. With this new method of advertising by audience targeting, virtually every household in the Naples or Fort Myers area can be reached. Audience Zone-In targets IP addresses and is not limited to a specific device, so it can be in effect on any device currently being used. It does not involve third-party cookies, as many smartphones, other mobile devices, and browsers do not allow this, but rather helps you design campaigns around the correct targets based on their area. Audience Zone-In is more powerful than targeting by zipcode alone. 


I voted imageOne great use of this powerful tool is in political advertising. Candidates in the area can promote themselves to almost 100 percent of voters by making use of the strong digital presence this tool creates. The magnitude of the reach is increased with this technology. Audience Zone-In will IP map the preferred targets in the correct areas by using its database of voter information based on voting history, political tendencies, activism, age, demographics, etc. Reach your SWFL audience in the most effective way, as this product recommends who your best consumers or voters are based on your intentions and goals. Then you can direct advertisement at them and avoid advertising in areas with less success. Advertising strategies are easier to plan as well. Audience targeting saves time, resources, and limits missed impressions, all by maximizing the predicted success rates of conversion per person, per area.


At Valpak SWFL, we understand the need for a strong digital presence, as the majority of people today are reached most successfully through online advertising in the platforms they frequent and prefer. The need to reach them where they are is critical. We will help you avoid wasted time and spent resources on methods that are not as effective. Convert offline prospects to online leads. This form of online tracking is cookie-less, cost-effective, and all-encompassing. Track real-time results with Audience Zone-In.