Valpak SWFL has a variety of direct mail products that go out in our blue envelope. We can help your business utilize the correct product for your advertising needs.

Single Panel

Our single panel direct mail product is a great way to showcase a quick message for your consumer. A great and simple call to action stands out on this piece, with a clear message. Single panel products keep your advertising concise. Here are some examples of our single panel direct mail products for SWFL.

Two Panel

Two panel direct mail products are a way to provide greater detail about your business along with your service or product. This is a great option for home improvement companies and restaurants. A home improvement company can showcase images of their projects/products and go more into detail on their offers. For instance, a window company can explain more about their popular window products because the larger size provides space for more thorough information. Restaurants can use two panel pieces to show more of their menu along with pictures of their delicious food. More room also means more specials and promotions can be presented to the consumer.


This is an eye catching way to feature your business directly on the Valpak envelope. Guarantee that your business will be the first thing the consumer sees before opening the envelope with this direct-mail product. A simplified message on the outside will motivate the consumer to open the envelope and look for your ad specifically when paired with one of our panel options. See left an example of what your ad could look like on the blue envelope.

Flyer (3 Panel)

A flyer is a great way to promote special events or grand openings to your SWFL consumer. Since they are larger, they grab more attention. This is a good option to advertise store/business grand openings or for promoting big sale events. They are also a great option for restaurants to send out trifold take-out menus. It is a convenient way for the consumers to keep the menu on hand, and use it while placing take-out orders. The flyers can be vertical or horizontal.

Circular Booklet

Circular products have multiple pages folded into one booklet. They can contain advertisements for multiple businesses or one business in particular. For instance, a July circular could contain ads for popular summer events spanning the SWFL area. This circular would be full of different activities to do in the summer in SWFL, highlighting specific summer deals. Another option is to do a circular booklet for just your business. The multiple pages can be used to show product shots or different services you offer and go into more specific details. This is a good way to showcase big sales or several key products/services. There is a lot of space to go into further detail on pricing and offers and specifics on services.

6 Panel

6 panel mail pieces are folded down into the same size as a single panel and go right out in our envelope, but they open up to a large 11x17 flyer. They are a good way to display a lot of information about your Southwest Florida business’ products and services.