Data Transforms Marketing

Measure Your Advertising From the Beginning

Valpak of SWFL offers an online dashboard option so your company can manage multiple stats from your company’s pages all in one easy location. Instead of having to navigate through different browser windows to separately monitor each of your online marketing channels, you can now use the dashboard to organize your views and updates in one window. Your life just got easier!

Your dashboard could include information from Google analytics, Google Adwords, your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, SEO, call tracking, and even website tracking for offline media like direct mail print. You can track your follower growth, the number of page visits to your site, and which posts are most successful but you can close all the extra browser windows and streamline the process. Dashboard stats can be seen in a date range of one week or one month. Compare your progress from one month to another, or track the progress of a marketing campaign. Choose what you want to see when you want to see it. Give us a call today to see how we can help you manage all of your platforms in one dashboard.


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