Social media

Valpak of Southwest Florida can expertly manage your social media pages. Leave it to us to create content for your pages including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  Instagram, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Social Media is an essential part of marketing for your company. There are many opportunities with social media, that are very cost effective.

Why Social Media Management is Essential to Success

The use of social media in your marketing efforts is extremely beneficial. Sharing content with thousands of people over social media networks has proven to aid companies in boosting their reach. There are a number of reasons why having Valpak of Southwest Florida manage your social media pages will benefit your business.

            Firstly, the insights that social media sites like Facebook provide yield statistical data of your consumer at the time of conversion, that is, the moment they complete a desired action such as clicking on a post. Facebook offers many categories of the exact demographics of your audience as well. Having the age, location, gender, interests and more of your consumer helps you to better target your audience in the future. These insights can also help you gather useful information about your customers' preferences. You can see which type of posts are most successful in their reach and then you can boost the popularity of your page by posting along those lines. 

            Social media can also help you locate new local customers. For example, if you open a new golf club in Southwest Florida, you can search on Twitter for people in your geographic area who tweet about golf, and then reach out to them. This allows you to be more proactive in gaining customers and expanding your business.

            Another reason social media is beneficial to your company is because it creates meaningful relationships with your customers. Social media brings the consumer and the company together into conversation. For example, if your company launches a new product or service and posts it on social media, consumers will interact with it and voice their opinion. While it is easy for you to share on a broad level with your followers, you can also make contact on a more personal level. Consumers can talk to a representative of your company with ease. They can also interact with other followers of your company on your page.

          Valpak of Southwest Florida can help you expand your company's reach by managing your social media pages and utilizing social media as a fast-growing marketing opportunity.