Call tracking is a huge advantage to any Southwest Florida business. Tracking any incoming calls to your business can give you valuable information to help you understand how a consumer interacts with your ads and helps you as the business owner to understand the success rate of your marketing efforts. Calculate your ROI through real-time tracking of your direct mail advertising, online ads, display ads, and more. At Valpak of SWFL we can track inbound calls and determine the source of the conversion. We can help you determine which ad worked, when it worked, and how. The results will be recorded and generated in reports to help you manage your marketing efforts and allocate your advertising budget in the best way. For example, if you find one of your digital ads is not working, (which you can quickly see through call tracking) then you can make the right changes to improve it right away. You can then integrate the call data with your Google Analytics account to track all the data together. Your call tracking can help you maximize SEO and SEM as well. See your call tracking data in your dashboard as well and monitor everything in one place. Be proactive about your advertising with call tracking.

Since it is difficult to correctly attribute a conversion to a specific ad, the ability to track calls can help identify successful ads by identifying them as the ones the caller was influenced by. The influence of display advertising in particular can be tricky to track because statistically, many impressions have to be made before a call will be placed. It's hard to prove whether a consumer really looked at your ad. Putting a call tracking number on ads can help your business correctly link a call and an advertisement. You could even put different tracking numbers on your website, your ad, your micro-site, and more. See the source ad or view that influenced the call. Valpak of SWFL can help you with your call tracking needs and help you better direct your advertising efforts.

Below is an example of a possible call tracking report.