Track results in real time.

Business is always evolving, and that can make it tricky to know where to spend your marketing dollars.  It’s not as simple as using the next big platform; it’s about knowing your audience and reaching them effectively. That’s where Valpak comes in! For almost 50 years the Valpak Direct Mail brand has been starting the conversation between consumers and merchants.

When the consumer researches a local, regional or national product or service, Valpak is there at the top of the search results page.  We’ve got the reach and knowledge to get you to the first page too.  Try it yourself using a typical search: type restaurant coupons Rochester NY in your favorite search engine and see what happens. Valpak is right there in the top results!  We can help your business get there too!

We can help you track real-time results in the mail, online, and by phone. Valpak of SWFL can give you a full view of your marketing efforts and bring all your efforts together to be managed effectively.

Choose the right channels.

Today’s consumer experiences an incredible amount of traditional and digital advertising everyday. Traditional marketing channels include billboards, direct mail, broadcast, and telemarketing. The digital channels a consumer experiences include social media marketing, display advertisements, affiliate marketing, SEO and SEM (Adwords), and email marketing. As a business, it is important to choose the correct channels to market to the consumer. Each channel alone has the ability to be successful, but successful marketing campaigns will utilize cross channel marketing. Each channel is unique and important to the overall message. 

So how do you as a business select the correct channels? With Valpak SWFL's help. We ensure that all of the correct channels are integrated to optimize the consumer’s experience. This allows the user to move about each channel with ease, creating greater visibility of your marketing message. It is essential to not only convert your consumers, but track the consumer as they move through the channels. Analyzing the performance of the marketing channels will further the success of your marketing campaign. Valpak SWFL uses the proper measurement tools and analytics to track an accurate return on investment (ROI).

We help you engage consumers in an effective way across all channels, and maintain your customers once they are gained. This drives quality actions through cross media platforms, which in turn, makes marketing campaigns more successful for your business.